John Bagan and his team are so invested in EV charging, they’re ready to develop an entirely new store format to serve the consumers who use them. The president and CEO of grocer Gelson’s announced in September a partnership with Rove, a developer and operator of full-service EV charging centers, to provide food and beverage services as part of what the retailer called a “ground-breaking new concept.”

ReCharge by Gelson’s will offer a curated selection of food, beverages and convenience items to customers across Southern California. Some might call it a convenience store.

“Our new ReCharge by Gelson’s locations,” Bagan said, “will bring our premium food and beverage experience closer to many of our existing customers while also introducing us to an expanded audience.” Bagan also noted that Gelson’s has been moving to EVs and alternative fuel vehicles for its own company fleet, and that the partnership is a key part in pursuing its larger sustainability goals.