36 Lyn has operated a DC-FC fast charger since 2015, and set the world record for charging in April 2015, according to owner Lonnie McQuirter, who adds he sees many more customers during Minnesota’s winter months than the summer primarily due to the shorter ranges EVs get in colder weather.

“Convenience stores are innovative by nature and have been at the forefront of many new but now forgotten technologies,” McQuirter said. “In that heritage, we seek to be forward-thinking and consider the needs of our customer of 2035 and what her needs may be.”

A one-store operator, McQuirter said that due to regulated utilities’ stance on demand charging, “We may see more technologies created to help circumvent and create value for our operations, which will provide lower fees to our customers to refuel at our locations.”

While a proponent of EVs, McQuirter personally embraces his older internal combustion vehicle. “I run the same vehicle I’ve had since 2010,” he said. “On balance, my truck is still more eco-friendly than most Teslas on the road today.”