In 2022, Pilot Co. announced a collaboration with General Motors to build a nationwide network of EV chargers. Today, it has charging stalls at 13 locations across 11 states and expects more to come online well into 2024.

“We hired EVgo to install and maintain 2,000 charging stalls powered by some of the fastest chargers available on the market,” said Tim Langenkamp, vice president of business development and sustainability. “These 350kW chargers will be installed at up to 500 of our locations across the country.”

Pilot is aiming to give EV drivers the same experience they’re accustomed to from refueling their gasoline-powered vehicles.

“Many of these chargers will have canopies that keep drivers out of the elements, and they will be upfront, right next to the gas island, close to the store instead of being hidden in the back like what’s typically found at many charging sites,” he said.

While charging, drivers will have access to free Wi-Fi options to use from their vehicles. That choice comes from Langenkamp’s own experience with EVs. He has owned EVs since 2018—and is on his fourth one.

Building the network is “important,” he said, “because this will be a part of the future.”