Heineken to Launch New Slim Cans in Florida

Packaging could go national in 2022 if well received


5 New Hard Seltzers for C-Stores

A-B, Molson Coors, Stewart’s among companies to release new hard seltzers in 2021

Beverage tastes like pineapple

Company also has hemp- and CBD-infused beverage lines

C-store retailers weigh in on energy, hard seltzers, CSDs

Beverage comes in three flavors with 2 sugar-free options

C-stores can boost customer numbers with bold flavors, Technomic report says

Plant-based drink is geared toward athletes

Trends to watch for as trade show goes virtual

As establishments continue to reopen, lift restrictions and ramp up, consumers are turning to their familiar favorites, like a hot or iced cup of coffee. 

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