consumer trends


Pandemic Spurs Retailer Changes to Meet New Consumer Mindset

COVID-19 accelerates plans in the works, particularly those in last-mile services


Wawa Settles 2019 Data Breach Litigation

Agreement caps payout at $8 million in gift cards, $1 million in cash

USDA announces increase of about $36 per person per month, on average

Here are some key insights, from a bird’s-eye view of the landscape to brand-specific trends in CPG.

Developed with foodservice operators, pizza experts, enthusiasts

USA Today panel ranks top chains

Company’s goal is to eliminate combustible sales and replace with smoke-free products

Companies roll out new offerings as trend gains steam

Beef, pork prices down, while strawberries account for highest price increase, Farm Bureau says

From brewing methods to roast preferences, Roasty Coffee poll offers eye-opening statistics on java

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