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Will Your e-Vapor Inventory be Compliant in September?

Find trusted vapor partners, like E-Alternative Solutions (EAS), who are committed to making sure retailers are set up for success before and during FDA’s PMTA process. How can retailers ensure their e-vapor inventory will be compliant come September 9th?


5 Qualities of a ‘Premium’ Vape Pen

These five elements are important to that demographic in creating a worthwhile yet consistent experience.

Ordinance bans c-stores from selling vape products

New president of the U.S. Division to take over Aug. 1

E-Alternative Solutions (EAS) is committed to making sure retailers understand the importance of FDA’s PMTA process. Which vapor products on your shelf will meet FDA expectations?

CSP’s category experts provide a rundown of how the pandemic has affected cigarettes, vape and more

In these weeks leading up to the deadline, retailers need to ask themselves is if their store is ready.

Show floor features innovation, flavors as FDA application deadline approaches

Company says it corrected concerns in warning letter regarding images, advertising

Put yourself to the test with this short quiz about modified-risk tobacco products.

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