Busting Myths: Craft Beer & Cider (Infographic)

Who's drinking it, where and more answered by new study

CHICAGO -- Craft-beer and hard-cider consumption skews more evenly across genders and ethnicities than many people think, according to a new study by Technomic.

2013 Craft Beer Volume

The research firm's recently completed On-Premise Craft Beer & Cider study reveals that all is not as it seems with these trending alcoholic beverages.

The multi-faceted research project tracks ongoing growth for craft beer in restaurants and bars, identifies leading brands by region and dives into cider's evolution. While focused on on-premise consumption, the study unveils useful information about consumers for any retailer. The study also busts some myths and clarifies several misconceptions. Among those myths busted (See infographic below):

  • More craft beer and cider is purchased at retail than in restaurants and bars.
  • Only women drink cider.
  • Hispanic consumers don't drink craft beer.
  • Cider consumers are primarily switching from white wine.

The study is part of Chicago-based Technomic's ongoing research and analysis of the adult-beverage marketplace.

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