Gum Sales Drop 6.8% in 2013; Here's Why

Published in CSP Daily News

Dollar sales of gum dropped 6.8% in 2013, the fourth year in a row sales have dipped.

Candy and mint sales continue to drive total category sales, while gum has been declining for three years.

Source: Nielsen via Hershey

Fewer households are purchasing gum, and there is a longer time between gum purchases for those who do.

Source: Nielsen via Hershey

Consumers are chewing less gum for multiple reasons.

Source: The Connell Group/Journal of Pediatric Neurology via Hershey

Best-in-class convenience-store retailers sell 31% of their candy products from secondary locations. Hershey, however, urges retailers to drive sales with in-line merchandising because efficient assortments are critical to meet consumer demand.

Source: Meyers Research 2012 via Hershey


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