The Hoff Sings the Praises of Cumby's Farmhouse Blend

Back on the beach with "Thirsty for Love" iced coffee video

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- Baywatch actor and singer David Hasselhoff--better known as just "The Hoff"--has again hit the beach and has teamed up once more with the Cumberland Farms convenience store chain for the 'Thirsty for Love' iced coffee video campaign.

In this latest outing, he sings the praises of the retailer's Farmhouse Blend iced coffee while strolling on the beach, hang gliding, surfing and jet skiing--also bearing his chest to show a medallion touting the 99-cent price point.

Cumberland Farms rolled out its signature Farmhouse Blend coffee in 2008. The stores' coffee bar lets consumers customize a wide variety of hot and cold coffee drinks.

After Cumberland Farms launched its original video and campaign with The Hoff in May 2012, point-of-sale (POS) signage--especially lifesize photo cutouts of the campy pop culture icon--began disappearing from inside and outside the stores and turning up in photos on social media.

The success--intended or otherwise--of the first campaign, therefore, called out for a sequel, reported The Boston Business Journal.

Marty Donohue, a partner and co-creative director at Boston ad agency Full Contact, told the newspaper that that it became clear pretty quickly in discussions with Cumberland Farms that the 61-year-old star should return for another "Iced Hoffee" campaign this year.

Gwen Forman, vice president of marketing at the chain, said told the paper that this year, the company has ordered extra signs to have a "substantial buffer, just in case."

She said the new signs should be up at the stores by the end of the week--assuming they're not stolen already.

Donohue said this year, Hasselhoff was engaged for three days instead of just one this time around (one day to record the song, one day back on the beach, and one day for the green screen shots in the studio). The TV campaign, which started this week, will last a little bit longer this year, too.

A team at Full Contact wrote the lyrics to "Thirsty for Love," while Asche & Spencer of Minneapolis provided the music. Boston-based Redtree produced the video, and Peel & Eat in Boston did the post-production work, said the report.

Cumberland Farms' goal was to create a new summer anthem, "even if it happens to be laden with cheese," the report said.

"You can't not smile when you look at this thing," Donohue said. "The hope is that everybody in New England is singing that song by the end of the summer."

Hasselhoff is a star of TV (Knight Rider, Baywatch, Dancing With the Stars, America's Got Talent), stage (Hook) and screen (The Spongebob Squarepants Movie).

Cumberland Farms has a market-leading position throughout the Northeast as well as a significant presence in the Mid-Atlantic region and Florida. Cumberland Farms is parent company to Gulf LP, one of the largest wholesalers of refined petroleum products in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. In 2012, the Cumberland Group generated approximately $15 billion of sales through a footprint of approximately 600 c-stores operated under the Cumberland Farms banner and through the operations of its subsidiary Gulf Oil. The Cumberland Group, Framingham, Mass., is a privately held, family-owned and managed company that includes real estate and midstream gasoline operations.