AllOver Media Acquires GSA Media

Deal creates major national gas station advertising network

MINNEAPOLIS -- AllOver Media Inc. and Brite Media Group LLC, two leaders in the nontraditional out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry, have announced the acquisition by AllOver Media of GSA Media, a division of Brite Media Group. The move helps solidify AllOver Media's position in the gas station advertising market.

The deal creates the nation's largest gas station advertising network, according to the company.

"The addition of GSA is an important part of our strategic plan to position AllOver Media as the premier non-traditional OOH provider in our industry," said Tony Jacobson, founder and CEO of AllOver Media.

"The company has experienced rapid sales growth achieving compound annual growth rate of [more than] 47% over the last three years. Since inception in 2002, AllOver Media has aggressively expanded to become a multi-faceted, integrated media provider. The GSA deal marks the privately held company's fifth acquisition within the last two years and adds to an already comprehensive spectrum of OOH products," said Paul Scolardi, CFO of AllOver Media, Minneapolis.

AllOver Media said that it has national coverage of 50,000 gas station and convenience stores. "AllOver Media provides more opportunities for exposure with a network capable of delivering over five billion media impressions annually," Jacobson said.

He said that advertisers will benefit by the ability to target consumers with greater accuracy, delivering a higher return for their advertising dollars than other media options.

"The combination of the GSA Media network with the existing AllOver Media network will provide a powerful media choice with incredible reach for advertisers," said Charlie Ditoro, president of Brite Media Group, San Francisco.

Jacobson attributes AllOver Media's growth to its commitment to creating and delivering innovative solutions to advertisers that deliver exceptional value. "AllOver Media provides a desirable, captive consumer audience that tends to be more engaged in our client's brand message," Jacobson said.

He added that repeat sales are increasing year over year.

Brite Media Group is a leading OOH media company that provides brands with opportunities to reach advertisers through exclusive media networks, digital OOH networks and a full-service experiential promotions agency.

AllOver Media' national coverage offers advertisers a reach delivering more than five billion media impressions annually at leading petroleum retailers such as Exxon, Casey's, Chevron, Circle K and Texaco.

AllOver Media provides OOH advertising solutions delivering market saturation across every designated market area (DMA) in the United States. Its portfolio of OOH advertising products includes ads on gasoline pumps, ads on gasoline nozzles with its patented Fillboard product, 3-D Frozen Billboards (ice box wraps), custom see-through vinyl window perfs, truckside mobile advertising and indoor advertising.