Victory E-Cigarettes Signs Deal With AATAC

Asian American Trade Associations Council represents more than 90,000 c-stores

Victory Electronic Cigarettes (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores / Tobacco)

SPRING LAKE, Mich. -- Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corp. has announced that it has signed an agreement with the Asian American Trade Associations Council (AATAC) to expand the portfolio of Victory and FIN branded products at member retailers including branded locations such as Hess, Mobil, 76, Gulf, Chevron, BP, Sunoco and other gas stations and convenience stores throughout the United States.

AATAC will be rolling out the Victory and FIN brands in an initial phase to 4,000 convenience stores, followed by expansions to other markets.

The agreement includes preferred positioning and countertop display of Victory and FIN branded products coupled with in-store marketing and merchandising activation. Underpinning the expansion will also be clerk and owner education supported with storefront communication intended to educate customers and influence preferred sales of Victory and FIN products.

"Victory and FIN Electronic Cigarettes are already popular, and we are excited to add them to the upcoming lineup of our convenience store, corner store and gas station offerings," AATAC executive director Remy Isaac said. "While our association continues to look for the highest-quality providers in all of our sectors, we feel this strategic launch with companies such as Victory allows our group and its retailers a first-hand relationship with qualified market leaders. As we roll out the Victory portfolio to our entire group of stores, we are confident that it will add a tremendous new source of growth and profit to our valued association members."

Paul Rock, AATAC board of directors trustee, said, "I've personally helped build over 26 of these smaller and larger groups across the USA in the convenience and gas station sector. These sort of grass-roots efforts have created loyalty amongst our groups and cultural binding that goes well beyond a corporate profit strategy, in a class of trade that is dominated by Asian and Indian ownership. We have a track record of providing best-of-class products and services for our stores and retailers--in essence our top recommendations to our own retailers. We feel that the Victory portfolio of e-cig brands and their expansion in the industry will be a fantastic new offering for our retailers. Historically, our groups were instrumental in building brands like 5-Hour Energy, Red Bull and others. This is the first time in almost a decade that an industry has seen such explosive growth, and we are fortunate to be at the leading edge of it with Victory."

This addition of accounts with AATAC's retailers significantly strengthens Victory and FIN's brand presence specifically in the convenience channel.

The AATAC is a national association council of buying groups and trade associations integrated under one entity that spans more than 50,000 primary and affiliate members collectively canvassing more than 90,000 convenience stores, gas stations, corner stores and other retail outlets throughout the United States.

The group forms relationships with select corporate suppliers for the benefit of the group, supports the various groups under its wing, hosts trade shows and private meetings, and distributes newsletters and other communications to its member partners that are predominately independent retail owners of Asian and Indian descent.

The council was reshaped in 2012 to be able to cohesively bring together the collective purchasing power, bargaining ability and regulatory feedback that are required to excel in the retailing industry across multiple sectors throughout North America. This group is also backed by the power of an implementation company and a marketing division that, not only increases the reach and placement of products and services, but also can actually launch and build entire brands within the industry. AATAC links corporate partners directly with convenience store, gas station and other retail ownership and management.

AATAC's involvement symbolizes a direct reach into a highly fragmented and largely independent market run by owners who speak multiple languages and often come from different cultural backgrounds. AATAC and its affiliates share common backgrounds and cultural affinities with the owners and operators, which will further support Victory's expansion in this unique and very large channel.

Spring Lake, Mich.-based Victory is one of the leading independent e-cigarette companies in the world, and owns the trademarks VAPESTICK, FIN, Victory, GreenStix, VIP and others.