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Nadir, Is That You?

Gasoline up a penny, more probably coming

Company News

‘We’re Looking at a Lot of Deals’: Refuel CEO

Jordan discusses the future of the company following $511 million capital infusion

Why the struggle to find qualified labor will remain long after the pandemic: Kramer

How long do Americans take prepping breakfast? What percentage eat it almost daily? Casey’s-commissioned survey digs into the data

In the last several months, the c-store has enjoyed acquisitions, expansions of both delivery and private-label products, and 'remarkable' financial results

QuickChek says it has carried those items before, and customers weren't interested

Love's multiple travel stop openings nationwide boost total in monthly retail opening tally

Gas prices returned to volatility in 2021. Here’s what might come next

Pump price drops again, but may have bottomed

What category experts expect for MON, cigars, vapor and more in the coming year

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