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Getting ready for a future where vehicles never have to stop to refuel

Editor’s Note: The recent announcement of the introduction of the 2019 Audi A8 model—an electric vehicle that offers wireless charging—validates an analysis that convenience-store industry expert Gerald Lewis was already deep into: the disruption that will be caused by the ability to transmit...


Ethanol gasoline blend to debut at several sites in three states

YORK, Pa. -- Rutter’s is adding E15, the 15% ethanol gasoline blend, to its forecourt offer. The chain will sell E15 at seven sites in Pennsylvania and its newest markets in West Virginia and Maryland. “At Rutter’s we take pride in in giving our customers the best choices whether in-store or at the...


Blending obligation waivers are destroying ethanol demand: RFA

WASHINGTON -- Ethanol industry groups are suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for granting blending waivers to several refiners, which they allege have been done in secret, in excess and to the point that it is destroying ethanol demand in the United States. The Renewable Fuels...

As supply continues to outpace demand, the outlook for motor fuels looks very familiar
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Rising wholesale prices put squeeze on retailers
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Surveys suggest consumers may curb travel, but they differ on the degree

New marketing campaign to include social media and POP programs
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Supply agreement will support the gasoline brand’s expansion in the New England market
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How Yoshi is capitalizing on an investment from Big Oil
Yoshi doubles its service footprint and offers fueling for boats in Austin .