C-Store Chain Closing Doors … in a Good Way

Find out why Hughes Petroleum shut down on Aug. 17

Danielle Brodhecker, Kitrina Brodhecker Hughes Petroleum (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores / Gas Stations / Car Wash)

Danielle Brodhecker (left), Kitrina Brodhecker

EDMONTON, Alberta -- For the first time in Hughes Petroleum 58 year history, it will close the doors Aug. 17 at all of its more than 20 convenience store/car wash locations for an event to reward and recognize the stores' staffs and families. The stores will reopen the following day with business as usual.

Launching the next phase of its ongoing efforts to become a top Alberta employer, Hughes Petroleum said that the historic staff event on Sunday will involve closing all locations at 2:00 p.m. and hosting an event to recognize all of the staff including some veterans with more than 35 years with a large party and prizes such as trips and big-screen TVs.

"Hughes understands by transforming the employee experience it significantly improves customer service, not only is it a nice thing to do bringing employees and their families together it is also good business," said Debby Carreau, CEO and founder of Inspired HR.

"Our unprecedented level of commitment to and investment in our people will provide them with a great work experience and enrich other parts of their lives as well," said O'Ryan Hughes, president of Hughes Petroleum. "We believe that this is a serious commitment to our staff and their families because we recognize the importance of a healthy workplace culture and how peer relationships and families can play an integral part in that."

The Employee Recognition Day will provide a renewed focus on Hughes culture that will help recognize and reinforce the efficient and friendly service experience of every customer. As a result, all team members will be better prepared to share their passion, skills and knowledge with each of our customers.

Hughes' Employee Recognition Day signals the company's focus on transforming the employee culture and rewarding the employees demonstrating Hughes' culture goals. The goals include things like exceeding customer expectations, listening, valuing diversity and teamwork. Hughes hopes any customers inconvenienced by the early closures will see this as an investment that will have long-term benefits.

"Thank you to our wonderful customers who understand the importance of closing the stores to give our employees a day together to celebrate with their teams and families," said O'Ryan Hughes.

Established in 1956, Hughes Petroleum Ltd. is an Edmonton, Alberta-based retail and wholesale fuel distributor operating the Hughes brand of gas stations and car washes.