Giant Oil Selects Enterprise Software Systems' CRE Sync Product

Solution tailored for property management model

DENVER -- Giant Oil, which owns more than 130 convenience store properties throughout the states of Florida and Ohio, has a business model that includes leasing the properties to commission marketers and, in most cases, also supplying fuel to the operators. The company's desire to cost-effectively grow its property management operations in 2009 and beyond led Giant to seek out a CRM solution tailored to property management and commercial real estate applications. Enterprise Software Systems' CRE Sync product was the shining answer that Giant Oil was looking for.

Barbara [image-nocss] Whittaker, property management executive for Giant Oil, said, "The CRE Sync software that ESS has developed has completely revolutionized the way we handle Property Management here at Giant Oil. When you're dealing with tenant turnover and significant growth, ESS' software ensures that everything is in order, documented, and nothing goes unnoticed. Rental increases, expiration dates, month-to-month tenants...with the CRE Sync software in place, these important issues never get overlooked, which maximizes our revenue and profit. Also key is the fact that the ESS staff has been amazingly responsive in providing the customization that's vital to our operations."

ESS CEO David Boemecke said, "Since the introduction of CRE Sync early last year, our client base has grown rapidly. Giant Oil is a great example of a perfect application for our software; i.e., a high growth company seeking to reduce cost and increase efficiency with respect to property management operations. What makes CRE Sync the perfect solution for property management, real estate, brokerage companies, etc. is that it was developed with this sort of application in mind, so we're not trying to fit square pegs in round holes which is what you so often find with purely generic CRM solutions."

Giant Oil has been in business since 1995. The company currently owns and leases over 130 convenience store properties located throughout the states of Florida and Ohio, and is considered a leader in its field. The company is in growth mode and continues to seek opportunities throughout the United States.

ESS offers a full range of application portfolio management support, including satisfying project management requirements and providing business case analysis, design, development, quality assurance and performance management services. ESS' strength lies in Microsoft .NET coding frameworks and development, managed content services for integrating unstructured content into business processes, and alternative delivery channels like mobility and wireless.