Since launching in 2007, QuikTrip’s QT Kitchens concept has spread to locations throughout the chain’s network, serving made-to-order items such as breakfast bowls and burritos, as well as pizza, toasted sandwiches and flatbreads. Additionally, the Tulsa, Okla.-based chain’s grab-and-go offerings include salads and wraps, roller-grill items and various pastries. “I think QT has a good training program in regard to freshness of food, cleanliness, nutrition,” said one consumer.

About 16% of consumers rate the c-store’s pizza as craveable—the top spot for the chain. Customers can choose between made-to-order personal pizzas or extra-large pies. Closely following pizza in craveability is the chain’s all-beef hot dogs, with 14% of consumers rating the item craveable. Survey respondents appreciate the ability to customize their dogs and other food items at the toppings bar, which offers freshly diced onions and tomatoes, pico de gallo, pickle slices and sliced jalapenos.