AATAC Partners With FES on Lighting

Deal offers energy-efficient products to c-store, gas station association, buying group

MIAMI -- Future Energy Solutions (FES) has forged a partnership with the Asian-American Trade Associations Council (AATAC) to promote its energy-efficient lighting products among qualified AATAC member retailers. The agreement will reach tens of thousands of convenience store and gas station retailers and affiliates, as well as independent retail businesses located in major metropolitan areas and small communities across the United States, the company said. Future Energy Solutions (FES) Asian-American Trade Associations Council (AATAC) (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stoeres / Technology)

FES's offer to AATAC members includes a custom lighting solution that will reduce members' lighting energy consumption by up to 65%, professionally installed energy-efficient lighting fixtures and "zero dollars" spent on maintenance costs. These benefits are enjoyed with no capital exposure to the retailer, said the company.

AATAC will set up meetings with a select group of affiliates to introduce FES's offer; it will also display the products at the AATAC Tampa trade show on Nov. 15, 2014.

"FES' proven solutions will be able to generate significant savings to members' lighting electricity bill and lighting maintenance costs," Remy Isaac, executive director of AATAC, said.

"Our goal is to provide AATAC's affiliates with the best energy-efficient lighting products in the most efficient and streamlined way," Daniel Gold, CEO of FES, said. "Our offer will allow retailers to divert cash that is currently being wasted in energy-guzzling lighting fixtures and allow it to be allocated into what brings more revenue to their business, whatever that may be. With AATAC's help, FES will be able to reach further into this highly fragmented and largely independent market providing significant cost savings and an improved working environment."

AATAC is a national association encompassing several other associations, buying groups and trade organizations under one blanket. The association consists of more than 50,000 members controlling more 80,000 locations. AATAC forms relationships with qualified entities that benefit the association as a whole, and promotes interactions between these entities and retailers through several avenues including private meetings, trade shows, sampling programs and promotions and online communication channels. AATAC links corporate partners directly with convenience stores, gas stations and other retail ownership and management.

Miami-based FES is a southern Florida provider of energy-efficient lighting using induction and LED technologies. Clients have included convenience store and gas station retailers such as BP, Mobil, Gulf, Shell, CITGO, Exxon, Sunoco, Valero and more. It also serves motor dealerships, car parks, warehouses, factories, tunnels and roadways.

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