Buc-ee’s Bright Restroom Idea

Chain to light the way for toilet-bound travelers

LAKE JACKSON, Texas --Buc-ee’s restroom-goers will soon have a guiding light to help them avoid restroom awkwardness.

Buc-ee’s Ltd., a division of the convenience-store chain known for huge stores (up to 67,000 square feet) and restroom cleanliness, is a lead source of a total of $3 million in Series A funding for parent company Modus Systems LLC, a company launching a smart restroom-traffic-management system. The funding will enable Modus Systems to expand its Tooshlights product development and make Buc-ee's one of the first to use it.

Tooshlight’s system aims to address long lines in restrooms and the awkward experience of having to peek under stalls to see if they are free. The system includes a smart latch and indicator light that can be installed in new restrooms or as an upgrade to existing facilities.

When a stall is available, the indicator light is green. When the stall is occupied and the smart latch is activated, the light turns red.

"A common problem in facility design is flow of movement, which affects customer satisfaction and, in turn, profits," said Allen Klevens, president and CEO of Modus Systems LLC, Los Angeles. "Tooshlights is changing the way commercial spaces are navigated, an essential part of the consumer experience.”

Through the Tooshlights dashboard, retailers will be able to access real-time, site-specific information about restroom usage, extending the internet of things to the toilet.

"Buc-ee's is excited to be an investor in Modus Systems because we see the enormous appeal of the Tooshlights solution and we recognize that this new technology will provide Buc-ee's customers an even better bathroom experience," said Jeff Nadalo, general counsel for Buc-ee's.

Founded in 1982, Lake Jackson, Texas-based Buc-ee's has 32 convenience stores and travel centers in Texas. Buc-ee's is known for plentiful gas pumps, travel snacks and award-winning clean restrooms.

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