Impact 21, FuelLogix Form Partnership

Will deliver best business practices, integrated software solutions for retailers

LEXINGTON, Ky. & WINTER PARK, Fla. -- Impact 21 Group LLC and FuelLogix LLC have formed a partnership to integrate Impact 21's business alignment strategies and merchandise management best practices with FuelLogix's Agility Pricebook solution to create an enhanced training and support system for FuelLogix' convenience retailers.

"By combining our leading technology solutions with the proven business automation practices from leading consultants and trainers, retailers will be the winners with tools at their fingertips to make accurate pricing and procurement decisions by leveraging our technology and the skills of Impact 21's team. This combination will be used by retailers to positively impact both merchandising and store profits," said Randall Richardson, president and CEO of FuelLogix.

Lisa Stewart, president of Impact 21 Group, said, "Impact 21 Group uniquely combines business and technology strategies with real-world solutions to ensure retailers maximize their automation investments. When our business strategies are combined with excellent software systems, retailers can rest assured they are making the right business decisions."

Agility is FuelLogix's retail automation platform that captures data and daily reporting from the point of sale (POS) through the auditing process, to the financial statements, providing retailers a cost-effective and efficient solution all across a web browser.

Impact 21 Group is a team of professional consultants with broad petroleum, convenience store and retail management expertise. With experience covering each functional department, from store management to senior management, their model brings a focus on leveraging retail automation and category management. In addition, companies will garner a best practice approach to managing competing priorities through business alignment and change management across the organization.

The partnership offers a foundation of FuelLogix's software solutions, combined with the business leadership for training and support from Impact 21 Group.

Winter Park, Fla.-based FuelLogix delivers complete backoffice to home office daily reporting, inventory and pricebook solutions designed for retail and petroleum marketers. It helps increase profits from operations with fully integrated daily reporting and fuel systems, while streamlining workflows with automated auditing tools, exception-based operational reporting, document management and user defined dashboards.

Brand names from FuelLogix include Agility, iFlex, LoadTrax and FIOS. Agility Central Daily Reporting, the flagship of FuelLogix Solutions integrates operational data to track cash, fuel and merchandise allowing all management to be results oriented. FuelLogix provides complete enterprise solutions; its focus on the store backoffice operations, home office, fuel and category management provides retailers with the solution to manage and benchmark business activity. Lexington, Ky.-based Impact 21 Group is a leading global consulting company in the petroleum/convenience, retail and refining industries.


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