There’s a cold front coming out of Cinnabon, where chill is the primary focus. Cinnabon’s high-altitude Arabica cold-brew coffee involves a process that creates a less acidic taste than regular coffee, the company says. It comes in two flavors: Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew Iced Coffee and Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee.

There’s also the MochaLatta Chill iced beverage, a blend of coffee and chocolate, lemonades, and Chillattas, which are Cinnabon’s blended beverages. Blended flavors include the Double Chocolate Mocha Chillatta made with Ghiradelli chocolate, Oreo Cookies & Cream Chillatta, and Strawberries & Cream Chillatta.

For those seeking warmth, Atlanta-based Cinnabon, a QSR that also can be found in some c-stores, such as Pilot and Flying J, does offer hot coffee and hot cocoa.