Caribou Coffee, Minneapolis, offers handcrafted beverages, small-batch roasted coffee beans, LTOs and all-day breakfast, and it aims to offer a balance between speedy throughput and experiential dining (this spring it launched its first vegan flatbread). Coffee varieties include the standard and offbeat, in both name and flavor. There’s Cabin Life Blend for the summer and a S’Mores Flavored Coffee, available by subscription. Represented coffee regions include Sumatra Lintong, Colombia Huila, and Brazil Cerrado.

Caribou has a solid online presence as well, with a well-stocked cabinet of coffee plus apparel and drinkware. On the cold side, the summer menu is featuring blended beverages called BOUsted Mocktails. There’s also the Nondairy Honey Crafted Press, which has a drizzle of honey and one’s choice of a plant-based milk served over ice.

Customer comment: “I go to Caribou Coffee every morning before I head into work, and every single time I know I can expect quality and warm service no matter who’s at the front desk.”