Parker’s, Savannah, Ga., as of June 2022 is in the process of upgrading its house recipe and introducing a new limited-time-offer blend.
Parker’s prides itself on having a wide variety of flavored creamer and sweetener options, allowing customers to make their coffee just like they would at home.

Committed to helping coffee farmers with best environmental practices, Parker’s is a partner in the S&D Sustainably Sourced program, which focuses on helping farmers and rural communities become more productive and profitable. The program has helped more than 4,500 coffee-growing families in 12 producing regions. Parker’s also gives back to those communities via healthcare and education.

Parker’s current featured coffee is Origin Reserve, a medium roast coffee from the Guatemalan Highlands that exudes floral and honey aromas with sweet chocolate and dark fruit notes and a sweet bright overtone with a cocoa finish, the company said. Roasts are Signature House, Signature Decaf, Cappuccino, Dark Columbian and Hazelnut.

Parker’s Freshly Made By You program uses quality ingredients to craft smoothies, frappes, iced coffees, milkshakes and more. There are more than 30 drink flavors, and customers can watch as their order is made (blended, frozen or over ice). Select Parker’s locations also feature Fresh Blends machines that make frappes (caramel, mocha, vanilla, caramel macchiato or mocha macchiato), cold-brew lattes (straight over ice, iced latte with sweet cream, caramel, dark chocolate or milk chocolate), and cold brew coffee blended shakes (vanilla, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and caramel).