Wawa kicked off its 2022 coffee lineup with returning mild roast LTO Cinnamon Bun coffee, with warm vanilla aromas and sweet bakery notes of cinnamon and bruleed sugar. Next in the lineup was medium roast reserve coffee, Winter Reserve, an exclusive four origin bean blend sourced from Guatemala, Brazil, Sumatra and Ethiopia. This limited-edition, specialty grade blend is decadent and complex, balanced with a lively, sweet acidity.

A new limited-edition Peanut Butter Fudge coffee debuted in May 2022 and will run until August. This mild roast coffee has flavors of fudge, peanut butter and a hint of vanilla.

All coffee varieties continue to be Rainforest Alliance Certified.

The Wawa, Pa.-based c-store chain said reserve coffees are top of the line, specialty grade and made with beans chosen specifically for “quality, consistency and the unique characteristics of their country of origin.”

Employers seeking to outfit their businesses can explore Wawa’s turnkey office coffee program. All coffee varieties are pre-ground and pre-measured for freshness.

Customer comment: “Wawa makes really good coffee, and they have the any size iced coffee for $2, which allows me to treat myself for little money.”