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Hot Fuel' Settlement Leaves Consumers Out in Cold

Agreement likely to achieve little more than payday for trial lawyers, says NATSO

Company News

Consumers Can Swap Airline Points, Miles for Gas

MetroSplash's FuelLinks Cash-for-Gas joins

With the current struggling economy, more than half (58%) of U.S. consumers are "very concerned" about rising food prices, research from The Nielsen Co. shows.

Most believe poor economy will last longer than 12 months, "tightening belts"

Coalition seeks Hoosiers' support in alcohol-sales lobbying effort

Information Resources Inc. said Robert I. Tomei has been named president of Consumer & Shopper Insights. He will report to IRI president and CEO John G. Freeland

PayDay, Skor offering Cash 4 Gas; Reese's featuring Dark Knight tie-ins

Working closer to home, working less, buying more fuel-efficient cars

New taxes targeting the U.S. oil industry would discourage investment, says API

Nielsen shows how to sell to those hurt by rising fuel prices

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