Toot'n Totum Rolls Out TnT Gas Discount Card

Program offering 10 cents off per gallon links to checking account

AMARILLO, Texas -- Toot'n Totum Food Stores has announced the arrival of the new TnT Gas Discount Card in a Facebook post. It offers a 10-cents-per-gallon savings.

Available at any of the convenience retailer's 62 stores, the service allows consumers to link their checking account and a selected user ID number with their Toot’n Totum Gas Discount Card, enabling them to pay for gasoline and merchandise at any location.

It works by attaching your bank account to your Toot’n Totum Gas Discount Card. This is done through the secure online enrollment page. The Toot’n Totum Gas Discount Card will function like an electronic check, similar to a debit card.

Not a credit card, enrolling does not affect a consumer's credit history, said the company.

Each time the customer uses the card, he or she will receive an email detailing the transaction.

The requirements are a Toot’n Totum Gas Discount Card, a U.S. checking account, an active email address and a driver's license. The cardholder must be at least 18 years old.

The program is administered by the National Payment Card Association, according to the terms and conditions detailed on the TnT Gas Discount Card enrollment page

"It's safer and more secure than a credit card and works like your bank debit card," the company said.

Amarillo, Texas-based Toot'n Totum has 61 c-stores located in Amarillo and one in Borger, Texas. Along with fuel islands, the locations offer ready-to-eat foods, grocery items and fountain areas. Other in-store services include Mr. Payroll check cashing, Texas lottery and car care centers.