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Gum Sales Slump Continues Through First Half of 2014

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Gum sales in convenience stores continued to slump through the first half of 2014, down 5.6% in unit sales, according to IRI data. Manufacturers are attempting to resuscitate the category with innovations such as Ice Breakers Cool Blasts, which starts as a gum before dissolving into a breath-mint-like blast; and Juicy Fruit’s new sugar-free soft-chew and bubble gum formats.

C-store sales, 24 weeks ending June 15, 2014

Subcategory C-store sales ($ millions) PCYA* Unit sales (millions) PCYA*
Sugarless gum $409.3 -5.1% 267.6 -7.4%
Regular gum (no sugarless) $87.3 -1.7% 104.1 -0.8%
Total gum $496.7 -4.5% 371.7 -5.6%

Source: IRI

* Percent change from a year ago

Brands on the Move

C-store sales, 24 weeks ending June 15, 2014

Brand Dollars Units
Sugarless gum    
Mentos Pure Fresh +39.3% +38.9%
Stride +16.0% +11.9%
Dentyne Ice +12.3% +7.8%
Wrigley's Extra +4.6% +3.8%
Wrigley's Spearmint (regular) +9.5% +13.7%

Source: IRI