The Pride Stores Debuts Reduced-Emissions Program

Initiative will offset fuel exhaust in Chicago market

ST. CHARLES, Ill. -- The Pride Stores is introducing a first-of-its-kind greenhouse-gas offset program for gasoline in the Chicago area.

The convenience-store chain has partnered with reduced-emissions program provider GreenPrint LLC to launch Purpose, a sustainability program that aims to reduce Pride fuel customers’ tailpipe emissions by investing in local, regional and global certified carbon-reduction projects, as well as tree planting.

“Being the first and exclusive partner in Chicago to have such an impactful program is a strong competitive differentiator for us and is something we are excited about,” said Mario Spina, CEO of The Pride Stores, which has a dozen sites in the Chicago area. “This program will deliver a positive impact on our local communities, while building goodwill and loyalty at all 12 of our Pride stores.”

Spina said that the chain’s goal is to not only be forward thinking but also to provide customers with a quality experience in its c-stores and at the fuel islands.

The Purpose program will automatically calculate the tailpipe emissions for each gallon of fuel bought by Pride customers and invest in carbon projects to reduce the related emissions by up to 25%. The turnkey program required no software, hardware or equipment installation for Pride.

“We are thrilled to work with thought leaders like Mario and The Pride Stores on a program to benefit the environment, set them apart from competitors and create a unique connection with their customers,” said Pete Davis, founder and CEO of GreenPrint, Atlanta. “Across clients we’ve measured consumers’ positive response with new and existing customers while building loyalty and goodwill, improving our client’s Net Promoter Score, and increasing in-store traffic and volume.”

Other c-store operators that partner with GreenPrint on reduced-emissions programs include Ricker Oil Co. and Alon Brands. Each year, GreenPrint programs cut emissions on nearly 500 million gallons of fuel from more than 200 fueling sites and 40,000 corporate and municipal fleets in eight countries.

Pride stores are owned and operated by The Pride Stores Inc., a retail division of Parent Petroleum Co., St. Charles, Ill., which supplies retail, commercial and industrial customers, including more than 350 gas stations in Illinois and the tri-state area.


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