Plaid Pantry Launches Smartphone App With VERGE

Loyalty game rewards customers with prizes for frequent visits

HENDERSON, N.C. -- Plaid Pantry has unveiled its first customer smartphone app, which has been deployed across more than 100 convenience stores throughout Oregon and Washington to enhance the customer experience, provide greater convenience and build customer loyalty. VERGE Connect powers the new branded smartphone app, which enables customers to select the types of promotions and coupons they receive and access them right on their iPhone or Android device.

In addition to features now ubiquitous in c-store branded apps, Plaid Pantry is launching with loyalty features that rewards more loyal customers, and allows all customers to "game" for the opportunity to unlock premium coupons.

"We selected VERGE technology for our entry into mobile because it supports the convenience and positive experience we strive to provide customers every time they visit one of our stores," said Jonathan Polonsky, executive vice president, Plaid Pantry. "Our motto is 'Get in, Get it, Get Going' and this app makes it easier for customers to do just that, while also rewarding them for their loyalty and providing savings based on their purchasing preferences."

The platform's advanced analytics capabilities enable retailers to track customer purchasing behavior. With this intelligence, Plaid Pantry knows how customers are responding to promotions in real time, ensuring their customer touch points have maximum impact on the consumer experience, as well as on sales and growth of the brand.

Carson Kuehne, VERGE Retail chief innovations officer, said, "We're pleased to work with Plaid Pantry, a leader in delivering convenience, service and value to the c-store customer. This app is designed to produce immediate returns for both the company and its customers by making it easier than ever before to deliver on those core business practices."

Henderson, N.C.-based VERGE is the technology spinoff of M.R. Williams Inc., a company with a 35-year history in retail and a leading East Coast c-store supplier. Verge software products are designed by c-store insiders with decades of retail experience. Currently the company's technology is deployed across more than 2,200 retail outlets and used by tens of thousands of c-store retailers, distributors and consumers nationwide.

Beaverton, Ore.-based Plaid Pantry is a 107-store convenience store chain with locations in Oregon and Washington.