Regulation & Legislation

Regulation & legislation news affecting the convenience-store industry
Regulation & Legislation

SIGMA Sets Its Legislative Priorities

Renewable fuels, SNAP, swipe fees among top issues

Regulation & Legislation

Dueling Outlooks

Opposing views of economy open CSP's 2013 Outlook Leadership Conference

Government shutdown, debt ceiling crisis affecting consumer financial views, says IRI

NACS Show: Record year but challenges remain, association president says

Maverik retailer Brad Call to bring spirit of adventure to convenience store industry association

New York credit-card surcharge ban violates merchants' First Amendment rights

Swipe reform put $5.8 billion in consumers' hands through lower prices, says MPC report

New tax on oil at refineries would replace levy on consumers at pump, pay for highways

7-Eleven launching its first political action committee (PAC) since 2009

State Rep Eugene O'Flaherty honored VERC for its leadership in hiring candidates who have gone through the Massachusetts Re-entry Program