Regulation & Legislation

Regulation & legislation news affecting the convenience-store industry
Regulation & Legislation

Massachusetts Raises Gas, Cigarette Taxes

Massachusetts Raises Gas, Cigarette Taxes; Levy on smokes highest rate in nation after New York

Regulation & Legislation

Promotions, Taxes Give E-Cigarettes a Boost

Promotions, Taxes Give E-Cigarettes a Boost; Retailers in Boston & Minneapolis jumping on the vapor wagon: reports

Texas Changes Snack Taxes; Simplifies single-sized package rules for convenience stores

Cumberland Gulf's Health Care Gambit; Commitment to expand coverage, convert part timers to full time will cost "several million dollars"

Budget Smoke & Taxes; Largest federal tobacco tax hike in history will impact retailers, jobs, low-income Americans

New NYC Bill Bans Discounts, Creates Price Floor for Cigarettes, Little Cigars; Proposal would also raise penalties for retailers who evade taxes, sell without license

Susser Holdings Keeps Watch on Sequestration, 'Obamacare' Issues; These "unknowns" remain challenges to Stripes convenience store sales

Guest Editorial: Gas Taxes Set to Evolve; Rising road-repair costs place strain on excise taxes

Gas Taxes & Road Spending; Tax Foundation says transportation funding should be coming from user taxes, fees

Report: High Cigarette Taxes Contributing to Increased Smuggling; New York highest net importer of smuggled cigarettes at 60.9% of total state market