The Next Step for 'Speedy Rewards'

Speedway working on new platform to further drive decade-old loyalty program

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio -- After 10 years and more than 20 million cards issued--3.5 million of them "active users"--the Speedway chain of convenience stores is ready to up the ante on its loyalty program, Speedy Rewards, with a new technology platform.

Looking to tap the millions, and possibly billions, of data points it's collected over the years, president Tony Kenney wants to further capitalize on the kind of consumer insights promised since the first high-tech point-of-sales systems were installed in convenience stores.

"We know [our customers'] purchase-behavior patterns. We know how often they shop us. We know what they buy. We know what their market basket is," Kenney told CSP Daily News in an exclusive interview. "Since we've developed so much information about our customers over that period of time, we're now getting to a platform that's going to allow us to do more meaningful, one-on-one, targeted marketing toward that consumer."

Part of the effort will include working closer with CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies to "target their promotional dollars against consumers that buy their products that we sell in our stores."

At the same time, Speedway is looking to grow it partnership opportunities with other channels of retail to grow the benefits to Speedy Reward members.

"It's a great commercial opportunity to take our loyalty base, coupled with many of their loyalty programs … and share that membership across both retail channels," Kenney said.

Today, Speedway's fuel discount program partnerships include Remke Bigg's Markets, Geyer's Fresh Foods and Kmart SuperCenter, among others, while the rewards program includes gift cards for iTunes, Zynga, Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, Amazon.com and other retailers.

Speedway LLC owns and operates about 1,400 convenience stores in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Kentucky.

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