Foodservice beverage customization options are becoming a top demand for c-store consumers. Specifically, consumers want to have a say in:

  • Milk and creamer variety.
  • Soft-drink customization.
  • Flavor shots and syrups.
  • Beverage toppings.
  • Sweetener variety.

Eighty-five percent of patrons said that they would like convenience stores to allow beverage customizations, especially for coffee creamers and soft drinks, according to the report. Consumers enjoy being able to personalize their beverages and add ingredients that aren’t necessarily part of menu, Moore Ruddy says.

And today, half-and-half won’t cut it by itself; consumers are looking for a choice of coffee creamers, ranging from chocolate- and candy-flavored creamers to nondairy alternatives. Beyond that, they’d also enjoy toppings for their coffee, such as cinnamon sugar, sprinkles and whipped cream, Moore Ruddy says.

“Oat milk is also an opportunity here,” she says. “This would be cutting edge for c-stores, since we haven’t even seen this in Starbucks yet.”