Peasy to Provide Cashless Tolling for GasBuddy Members

Members who join get $20 gas-back credit
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MESA, Ariz. -- Peasy, a pay-as-you-go tolling service from Verra Mobility, is teaming up with GasBuddy. Members of the gas-price monitoring network who subscribe to Peasy are eligible to receive a $20 GasBack credit, applicable at 90% of gas stations in the United States that accept Pay With GasBuddy.

Peasy's pay-as-you-go toll payment solution allows out-of-state travelers or infrequent toll users to access cashless toll lanes, automatically pay toll fees and avoid costly penalties or violations for as many vehicles as they like, all from one account. Verra Mobility launched Peasy last fall.

"GasBuddy has built an impressive member network that has grown beyond just locating the most convenient gas stations," said David Roberts, CEO of Verra Mobility. "For years they have consistently provided trusted and valued recommendations to their loyal community of drivers, and we are excited to be offering Peasy, our mobile tolling solution to their community. GasBuddy members can now not only save money at the pumps, but also enjoy worry-free convenience while traveling toll roads."

"Our mission has always been to help consumers navigate the roadways while saving money as easily as possible, which is why this partnership with Peasy and Verra Mobility makes perfect sense," said Michael DiLorenzo, chief marketing officer of Boston-based GasBuddy. "Highway travel is a key part of our ecosystem, with toll roads creating a faster and easier path to your destination. We're thrilled to offer our members access to the Peasy network, where they can seamlessly pay tolls on the go while also saving money on gas with a $20 GasBack credit promotion when they sign up."

To sign up for Peasy, users create a Peasy account online, snap a picture of their license plate and enter their payment information. GasBuddy members who sign up for Peasy can then earn $20 in GasBack on a future fill-up with a Pay With GasBuddy account.

Peasy is a consumer mobility platform from Mesa, Ariz.-based Verra Mobility. The multistate, pay-as-you-go service does not require any new hardware or the use of a mobile phone while driving. Subscribers just upload a picture of their license plate and credit-card information for payment to get set up in minute and to start enjoying worry-free cashless tolling.

Founded in 2000, GasBuddy allows users to locate gas stations based on fuel prices, location and ratings and reviews. Pay With GasBuddy was also launched in 2017 as a fuel savings program, and has since saved Americans more than $3.6 million at the pumps, the company said.

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