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Big, bigger, biggest: Welcome to the CSP Top 101

Abbey Lewis, Editor in Chief, CSProducts

Samantha Oller, Senior Editor/Fuels, CSP

Melissa Vonder Haar, Freelance Writer

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The Convenience Top 101: Market Share by Fuel Brand

Major oil may have shuttered most of its company-ops, but the names are still the biggest brands in fuel. According to figures from OPIS for the year ending Nov. 15, 2013, the top four by share of fuel volume are led by Shell Oil Products U.S. Source: OPIS

  Licensor Licensed Sites
1 Shell 14.6%
2 Exxon/Mobil 9.8%
3 Chevron 6.7%
4 BP 6.5%

Popularity Contest

Who is the most popular in the c-store industry? Based on searches of CSPedia from Jan. 1, 2013, through Nov. 24, 2013, here are our most popular peeps:

Top 3 Most Searched Companies

1. Circle K (Alimentation Couche-Tard)
2. Speedway LLC
3. The Kroger Co.

Top 3 Most Viewed Company Records

1. The Pantry
2. 7-Eleven Inc.
3. RaceTrac Petroleum Inc.

Top 3 Most Searched People

1. Ken Nuss, vice president of marketing, The Kroger Co., Convenience Division
2. Steve J. Anabi, vice president of operations and buyer, Anabi Oil
3. William Slattery, category manager (tobacco, general merchandise, HBC, dispensed beverages), Alon Brands Retail
Source: CSPedia

Top 5 Licensors

License to Sell
The c-store industry has several purveyors of the licensing model. CSPedia ranks the biggest, led by Salt Lake City-based Sinclair Oil, below. Source: CSPedia
  Licensor Licensed sites
1 Sinclair Oil 2,700
2 Alimentation Couche-Tard (Mac's, Circle K) 1,208
3 Tesoro 800
4 Gasamat Oil Corp. (Smoker Friendly) 769
5 Clark Brands LLC 450

Top 5 Franchisors

Franchise Opportunity
With franchising providing the engine to its growth, 7-Eleven is not only the biggest franchisor in CSP’s Top 101 but also the biggest in the world. Source: CSPedia
  Franchisor (U.S. & Canada) Franchised locations
1 7-Eleven Inc. 6,080
2 Alimentation Couche-Tard 1,108
3 BP America (ampm) 950
4 Sunoco Inc. 451
5 Chevron Corp. (ExtraMile, Caltex) 330

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