While most convenience-store chains have built their success through brick-and-mortar shopping and are now exploring delivery, Chicago-based Foxtrot has broken the mold of traditional c-store innovation.

“When we launched [in 2013], we were delivery-only,” says Mike LaVitola, CEO and co-founder of Foxtrot, a chain of 10 upscale c-stores in Chicago and Dallas. “Now, people think about Foxtrot from a strong retail perspective, and our business now is 50-50 retail and ecommerce.”

Foxtrot prides itself on its 60-minutes-or-less delivery and mobile ordering program, which offers a variety of items ranging from toiletries and snacks to craft beer and made-to-order sandwiches. However, during the pandemic, Foxtrot pivoted to curbside and in-store pickup, which has added to its already successful mobile-ordering and brick-and-mortar programs, says LaVitola. Since March, Foxtrot’s delivery sales of wine, cafe sandwiches and coffee have reached all-time sales highs, he says. Beyond that, Foxtrot’s share of omnichannel customers—those who shop both in store and online—has nearly doubled this year.