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24 Secrets of Craveable Foodservice

Most consumers choose to eat at a convenience store for the same reason: because they’re craving a specific item from that chain. Thirty percent of consumers said their need to satisfy a craving was the primary reason they visited a convenience store—higher than any other reason—according to Ignite data from CSP’s sister research firm, Technomic, Chicago. Craveability outpaced needing an item to go (24%), needing it made simple (10%) and needing it made healthy (9%).

But what qualifies a food or beverage as craveable? Gone are the days of customers seeking a classic cheeseburger or slice of pizza during every quick visit. While those items occasionally fit the bill, consumers are mainly seeking options that are unique in flavor, format, brand and mission. They aren’t just craving something that’s delicious; they’re craving something that makes them feel good about themselves or their future or reminds them of a happier time.

Here’s a sneak peek at some craveable food and beverage qualities c-store operators can add to their menus …