In its NACS Show booth, San Francisco-based Juul Labs featured its cartridges in mango, cucumber, mint and tobacco flavors. Then in early November, CNBC reported that Juul will pull its mango, cucumber, fruit and creme-flavored nicotine pods from convenience stores and other retailers. A Juul spokesperson declined to comment to CSP on the report.

Also featured prominently in its exhibit was a poster that employees signed, pledging to keep their products out of the hands of minors.

Earlier in the fall, the FDA conducted an unannounced, on-site inspection of the headquarters of the e-cigarette manufacturer, focusing its inquiry on the company’s sales and marketing practices, the agency said.

As part of its ongoing efforts to prevent youth use of tobacco products, particularly e-cigarettes, it conducted the inspection Sept. 28 and collected “over 1,000 pages of documents,” FDA officials said.