Several of the e-cigarette companies issued responses to the FDA’s latest actions by press time:

Altria responded with this statement: “We welcome the FDA’s action and look forward to sharing our thoughts about how to prevent and reduce youth use, an issue we have focused on for decades. We strongly believe kids shouldn’t use any tobacco products and take a number of steps to prevent kids from getting access to all tobacco products. For example, for participating retailers, our contracts require retailer training and signage, and that all sales must be done in a non-self-service fashion so retailers can check IDs.”

Juul responded with a statement from Kevin Burns, its CEO: “Juul Labs will work proactively with the FDA in response to its request. We are committed to preventing underage use of our product, and we want to be part of the solution in keeping e-cigarettes out of the hands of young people. Our mission is to improve the lives of adult smokers by providing them with a true alternative to combustible cigarettes. Appropriate flavors play an important role in helping adult smokers switch. By working together, we believe we can help adult smokers while preventing access to minors, and we will continue to engage with the FDA to fulfill our mission.”

Teaneck, N.J.-based JT International USA, the owners of Logic-branded e-cigarettes: “We have received a request for information from the FDA and will continue to work with the agency to show that Logic markets its products only to adults.”

Fontem Ventures, Charlotte, N.C.: “Fontem Ventures strongly believes that e-vapor products like blu and myblu are to be used only by adult smokers. Minors should not use any tobacco or nicotine products, and we fully support and advocate for both legislation prohibiting sales of vaping products to minors and the ongoing FDA enforcement action against retailers selling e-vapor and other tobacco products to minors. We are evaluating [the FDA’s] request and statement from the FDA. On youth access, we have common aims. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate, and work with the FDA to further strengthen our youth access prevention policies and procedures. We will continue to work with regulators in the U.S. and elsewhere to implement best practices in all our commercial activities.”

Photograph: Shutterstock