Juul wasn’t the only e-cigarette manufacturer to respond to the FDA’s announcement. Fontem Ventures, the Charlotte, N.C.-based maker of blu e-cigarettes, said in a statement, “We implement a number of youth-protection initiatives, including online age-verification mechanisms on blu.com, clear product labeling that states ‘not for sale to minors,’ and branding that avoids any association with candy, toys, cartoons or other products popular with youth. In all blu sales and marketing activities, we are very clear that vaping products are an adult-only category.”

Similar to Juul’s response, Fontem officials said their product was designed for adult smokers seeking an alternative to combustible tobacco products. “We welcome the FDA’s acknowledgement that e-cigarettes could provide ‘a potentially less harmful alternative for currently addicted individual adult smokers,’ ” the statement continued.

A day after the FDA announcement of its youth initiative, Richmond, Va.-based Altria Group Inc. sent out a tweet referring to a marketing-responsibility statement on its website: “Our company’s products are meant for adults and society expects us to market them responsibly. We understand and agree. Our goal is to build relationships between our brands and their adult consumers while taking steps designed to limit reach to unintended audiences.”