In a major announcement since the NACS convention, Altria announced plans to remove its MarkTen Elite and Apex by MarkTen pod-based vaping products until they “receive a market order from the FDA or the youth issue is otherwise addressed,” the company said.

Announced alongside its quarterly earnings report on Oct. 25, Altria related its actions back to the FDA’s September announcement of steps it is taking to address the problem of minors using vaping products.

“The FDA also asked several companies, including Altria, to provide plans to address underage use of e-vapor products,” Altria said. “Altria welcomed the FDA’s action and recently met with FDA Commissioner [Scott] Gottlieb to discuss actions that could be taken.”

Along with the removal of those products, Altria’s remaining MarkTen and Green Smoke “cig-alike” products from its subsidiary Nu Mark will sell only regular, menthol and mint varieties. Other flavors will be discontinued until those products receive a market order from the FDA or, again, the youth issue is otherwise addressed.