CSP asked retailers: What would you say if the FDA’s ad agency said they’d pay you for pumptopper or point-of-sale placement of these ads at your stores? The respondents—all of which requested anonymity—varied in their feelings.

“No. I have limited space for advertising and I need to use this space to sell products. While I don’t put cigarette advertising at the pump and have limited space outside, I need to use this space to advertise products and services I can sell.”

“Yes, I would put the signs and fully cooperate with the FDA. It’s not about the payment—I would do it for free. Frankly, no one cares. We have state-of-the-art video pump screen ads that 90% of (customers) don't notice. We did a free car wash and free $5 gift card … and had five redemptions. No one reads the pump ads.”