Before a meeting, TPSAC members receive materials prepared by the FDA and the manufacturer—in this case, Reynolds—that provide context to inform TPSAC members’ discussion, including specific issues and questions from FDA staff that arose during the agency’s scientific review of the MRTP applications. The FDA intends to post all materials provided to TPSAC (redacted in accordance with applicable laws) on the agency’s website two days before the meeting. The FDA intends to post the materials for the September 2018 TPSAC meeting to the FDA website on Sept. 11, 2018.

During this upcoming meeting, representatives from Reynolds and the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products’ Office of Science will present information about the company’s MRTP applications currently under FDA scientific review. TPSAC members may then discuss available scientific evidence related to issues and questions posed by FDA about the applications. During this discussion, TPSAC voting members may vote on specific issues and questions or other topics arising during the committee’s discussion.

TPSAC meetings also include time for in-person public comments. Members of the public may attend TPSAC meetings or watch a live webcast.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay