As it did with nicotine levels and tobacco flavors earlier in March, the FDA also opened a public-comment period on a third, previously announced tobacco issue: that of premium cigars.

On March 23, the FDA issued an ANPRM to seek comments and scientific data related to the patterns of use and resulting public-health effects of what are often referred to as “premium” cigars to inform the agency’s regulatory policies. The agency is specifically requesting comments and information not previously submitted in response to its deeming rule. 

“All tobacco products, including ‘premium’ cigars, remain subject to manufacturing, distribution and marketing oversight by FDA,” said Zeller. “However, given the ongoing interest from many parties on this issue—as well as the potential for new data on the topic since the deeming rule published—we’re providing stakeholders an opportunity to submit relevant new information that could inform FDA’s regulation of ‘premium’ cigars.”

Click here for information on how to submit comments.