For its new store, Cary Oil tore down a 1,500-square-foot location with limited options and replaced it with a 4,100-square-foot store featuring a strong QSR (Krispy Krunchy Chicken), a beer cave, good lighting and nice bathrooms.

Some of Cary Oil’s goals of the new store design:

  • Be sure the QSR and c-store portion of the store had parking and an entrance that was separate from the flow from the gas island.
  • Take advantage of natural light from the outside with solar tubes that brighten up the foyer area.
  • Put in low-flow, state-of-the-art combination sinks and hand dryers in the bathrooms to cut down on water use and eliminate paper towels.
  • Light the entire store with LEDs, including motion-sensor controls for the lights in the storage rooms and restrooms.

Breeze Thru Market

What the Experts Say

When I think of “breeze thru,” I think of being at the beach with a little Jimmy Buffett music playing in the background just breezin’ through life. That’s the feeling I get in Cary Oil’s store design too. Bright, vibrant, graphics give the illusion of a cool breeze greeting you as you enter the store. The best part of this design is the way the chain has integrated the logo and the signature waves throughout the store, giving it a cohesive look and a gentle reminder that life is good when you just “breeze thru.” —Mike Lawshe, president and CEO, Paragon Solutions