The Spinx convenience-store chain opened a new 6,800-square-foot site in South Carolina in 2016 based on a store design first developed in 2012.

Architecturally, the store features high, open ceilings; clear lines of sight from the entryway; and bright, inviting colors and materials.

Outside, customers can fill their cars' gas tanks at eight fuel pumps or take advantage of the on-site car wash. Inside, the store features the chain's Fresh on the Go program, a made-to-order smoothie station and touchscreen kiosk ordering.

“The need for a new store design arose in part from our foodservice offer,” said Rick Glay, company operations excellence manager. “We wanted to allow our associates the right amount of space, based on industry best practices, to prepare our expanding menu of meal and snack choices. We also wanted to meet our customers’ expectations in terms of options.”


What the Experts Say

Spinx’s signature blue and yellow corporate colors are on display in its latest store but with a twist. Wood tones are integrated in key areas such as the counters and seating areas to soften the primary color punch. The open-concept kitchen welcomes you to a food area filled with traditional Spinx fare, as well as a smoothie bar that looks very enticing. By bringing the smoothie station front and center, Spinx has visually demonstrated its commitment to fresh. There is no doubt that this latest rendition of Spinx will attract a wide demographic, including women and millennials. —Mike Lawshe, president and CEO, Paragon Solutions