Clark's Pump-N-Shop operates c-stores in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia and Florida. The brand promise is "Return, Refresh and Refuel." Some locations feature Krispy Krunchy Chicken or Chester's fried chicken, and the Clark's Cafe proprietary program of breakfast sandwiches, tacos, fried chicken and burgers. The coffee bar features Coffee Beanery coffee, hot chocolate and cappuccinos.

When the pandemic hit, the retailer revamped its packaging with enhanced safety measures. It shut down its roller grills and placed those hot dogs and sausages in warmers to be served pre-wrapped. While this initially hurt roller-grill sales, it increased hot-food sales. It also halted its reusable cup program and switched to disposable cups only for coffee and fountain drinks, and it implemented a new beverage lid dispenser tower from which customers can access only one plastic lid at a time. Clark’s redesigned its physical menu with a layout that features updated prices, cleaner text and new specials. It is also working on a new catering menu to keep up with demand for takeout and delivery.

John Clark founded the company in 1976, and his sons, Rick and Brent Clark, now own and operate the chain.

For benchmarking purposes, store counts are as of Jan. 1, 2022.

Headquarters:Ashland, Kentucky
No. of Stores:69
Rank Last Year:97