Allsup’s is one of the largest regional c-store chains in the country. Located in small towns and on highways in New Mexico and West Texas, Allsup’s offers a traditional selection of convenience items and gasoline, but differentiates itself with its variety of fresh food, which ranges from barbecue meat to corn dogs and chicken. Allsup’s is known for its deep-fried burritos and eggrolls, made fresh at the stores. The chain is also dedicated to employing the latest technology to better the speed of service and shopability at its stores. In addition to their c-store chain, the Allsup’s own a petroleum jobber ship, software development company, radio stations and world championship cutting horse ranches in Texas and New Mexico. Allsup’s competitive advantage is that the company is an early adopter of technology and constantly remodels stores to stay modern.

Allsup's is still owned and operated by its founders, Lonnie and Barbara Allsup.

Source: Convenience Digital Resource Library, Technomic

Headquarters:Clovis, New Mexico
No. of Stores:320
Average Store Size:1,700 sq. ft.
Rank Last Year:29
States of Operation: New Mexico, Texas
Family Business:Yes