LSAA operates Sam's Mart convenience stores. Today’s strategy for Sam’s Mart Corp. Inc. is to shift away from retail and toward wholesale gasoline. Sam’s Mart, headquartered in Matthews, North Carolina, sold locations in the Atlanta area and in Charlotte, North Carolina in the past few years. Sam's Mart locations include 30 with Sam's Xpress car washes. Nine sites are 7-Eleven branded. The chain added PriceAdvantage SMART Fuel Pricing to centralize fuel-pricing control from headquarters.

Customers distinguish Sam's Mart stores by their unexpected features, such as on-site cafes that boast fresh foods and gourmet Sam's Best signature coffees, or the Texaco Xpress Lube centers. Stores aim to attract all customers, catering especially to an urban audience coming and going for fuel and quick pick-up items; most stores are located in the cities of Charlotte and Atlanta. Sam's Mart stores carry many nationally branded products and lean toward adding national brands rather than additional private labels.

Source: Convenience Digital Resource Library, Technomic

Headquarters:Matthews, North Carolina
No. of Stores:40
Average Store Size:1,700 sq. ft.
States of Operation: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina