Maverik's competitive advantage is its "Adventure's First Stop" image, with store decor of adventure- and action-themed murals, mannequins dressed as snowboarders and rock climbers, high-definition point-of-purchase video screens, and fuel pumps outfitted in adventure-themed decals, which attract outdoors-loving males age 18 to 44 who have a need for quick energy, rehydration and/or alcoholic refreshments.

Widely regarded as one of the industry’s most dynamic chains, Maverik has undertaken a dramatic sweep of its stores, ramping up merchandising programs, building larger store formats and embossing its outdoors-loving theme through enhanced interior graphics.

This is not a hackneyed “Old West” approach; Maverik targets a youthful, extreme-sports-minded population of Generation Z, millennials and Gen X. Maverik Inc. lays claim to one of the industry's most thorough and ambitious transformations of recent years.

While most of the company’s stores max out at 4,000 square feet, the retailer has launched a bigger template, its newest units measuring up to 5,000 square feet with more than 40% of interior space allocated to foodservice. It’s in the food arena where Maverik has become especially assertive, aggressively being first-to-market with new items and embracing a broader array of home-meal replacement and complete meal options.

Maverik’s private-label BonFire brand features burritos, breakfast bundles, chips, pastries and cookies. Mount Mavalanch frozen yogurt is sold in stores, as are the company’s private-label Chiller frozen dispensed beverages. Bodacious Bean coffee, iced coffee in bottles and cans were added in 2012.

The company is also known for implementing leading-edge marketing and technology advances, including a highly polished loyalty program.

Source: Convenience Digital Resource Library, Technomic

No. of Stores:300
Average Store Size:3,200 sq. ft.
Rank Last Year:35
States of Operation: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming