Carioca Co. owns a chain of convenience stores operating mostly as branded Shell stations, with a few unbranded locations. Carioca’s stores are geared to meet the typical c-store customer’s needs: someone stopping for gas and grabbing a snack or beverage from the fountain or cooler. Stores focus mostly on single-size servings of snacks and candy but also carry a limited number of grocery and HBC items.

Foodservice options include limited-service, self-serve and quick-service restaurants. Stores feature a selection of hot and cold prepared foods along with beverages. Locations offer large, brightly lighted canopies with up to 18 pumps. Many units have an ATM outside the store. Three stores are open 24 hours and three sites have a conveyor car wash.

Packaged beverages and tobacco are the company’s top-selling categories in 2016, with cigarettes showing an increase over 2015. Stores carry major brands of cigarettes, plus a fourth-tier private-label brand called Basic.

Source: Convenience Digital Resource Library, Technomic

No. of Stores:40
Average Store Size:1,700 sq. ft.
States of Operation: Arizona, California